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Periodontist in Huntington Beach

Pacifica Tower Dental Group is proud to staff the finest periodontists in Huntington Beach.

While your regular dentist’s primary focus is your teeth, a periodontist is a specialist who focuses on the gums. You may not realize it, but the gums play a huge part in your overall oral health. Our on-site periodontist focuses on prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of issues involving the gums.

Sometimes referred to as “dental plastic surgeons”, periodontists can shape the soft tissue of the mouth and even reshape the jaw bone in order to address cosmetic concerns. Gum grafts can be employed to reverse gum recession and an overly “gummy” smile can be corrected by reshaping the gums to give the patient a more attractive smile.

However, the main function of a periodontist is to ensure that your gums are healthy and free of disease. Gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adult dental patients. That fact alone demonstrates how important it is to maintain healthy gums. Here are some issues that a periodontist can help you with:

In addition to the usual four years of dental school, periodontists go on to attend an additional three years of school and clinical training to master their specialty.

While your regular dentist will help you maintain the health of your gums with regular cleaning, some scenarios will require the expertise of a specialist. Advanced cases of gum disease, for instance, should be handled by a periodontist. The additional training and education they received will allow them to diagnose the cause of gum disease and find the appropriate solution to the myriad of unique challenges that come along with it. A periodontist can also assist patients with the restorative procedures that may be required if gum disease causes bone loss.

There are two categories of treatment when it comes to gum disease: surgical and non-surgical. If periodontal disease has not reached critical levels, it is possible to correct with less invasive techniques. Special instruments or, in some cases, lasers can be used to clean the root of the tooth that lies below the gums. Removing tartar and plaque from these hidden areas, along with proper care from the patient, can often reverse gum disease.

In some cases, gum disease has gone too far to be addressed without surgery. Bacteria may need to be removed from beneath the gum to stop the progression of gum disease. In more severe cases, gum disease can cause bone loss in the jaw. Grafts and other regenerative procedures may be recommended by a periodontist in these cases in order to restore the tissues that support your teeth.

If you think you may be suffering from gum disease, call us today to find out why so many patients have turned to Pacifica Tower Dental Group for a periodontist in Huntington Beach.

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