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Dental Checkups in Huntington Beach

Come visit the best dentist for dental checkups in Huntington Beach.

We know it’s easy to put off going to the dentist, especially when there is nothing wrong.

That is why we try to make the process of getting a checkup as convenient and painless as possible. After all, regular dental checkups are the backbone of good oral hygiene and the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy in the long run.

It is our goal to give our patients the easiest and most pleasant experience possible while still providing the most thorough and high-quality care.

We want your time at the dentist's office to be as stress-free and pain-free as possible. In order to do that, our staff is happy to work around your schedule to make your trip to our office both quick and convenient.

Patients and smiles come in all shapes and sizes. We work hard to tailor your visit to your specific needs, but here are some of the standard things you can expect when you come in for a dental checkup In Huntington Beach:


X-rays will give the doctor a peek inside your teeth and help determine if there is any bone loss present underneath your gums. These images will also provide a comprehensive look at the positioning and alignment of your teeth.

Tooth Decay

The best way to stop tooth loss before it starts is to look for signs of tooth decay. In order to do this, your dentist will closely examine each of your individual teeth to look for any hints of wear or decay.

Gum Disease

Teeth may be the star of the show, but gums are just as important in many ways. The health of your gums is a good indication of whether or not you are at risk of periodontal disease.

Restoration Checkup

If you have had work done on your teeth in the past, it is important to keep tabs on that work to make sure it’s doing its job. Implants, fillings, and bridgework will be examined by your dentist to ensure they are functioning as well as they can.

Oral Cancer Screening

This is important to detect early signs of cancer. Early detection inherently means better chances for early cure of the disease. Though studies haven't clearly proved that, people with a high risk of oral cancer may be more likely to benefit from oral cancer screening. A few factors that can increase the risk of oral cancer are as follows:

  • Any type of tobacco use
  • Consistent alcohol use
  • Previous oral cancer diagnosis
  • Significant sun exposure

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